$20.00 AUD

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Call it a picture book. A collectors item. Buy one issue as a keepsake and the other to post up on your wall or frame. A collection of works from all over Australia, submitted by artists who are members of Au Creative Network, Australia's biggest networking community run on Facebook.

The self published magazine, XOXO is purely a showcase of talented Aussies, no advertising, just art. Artists come from different skill levels, different disciplines and different cities.


Alex Latham
Alexandra Lederman
Barry O’Mahony
Ben Brown
Brent Leidertiz
Britt Murphy
Casey Temby
Chloe Wilder
Corrine Grbevski
David Kurzydlo
David Faint
Des Pensible
Father Superior
Filip Konikowski
Frankie Owen
Hannah Curtis
Hayden Dewar
Jacinta Oaten
Kaitlynn Bell
Kenny Jones
Kentaro Yoshida
Kosta Bez
Lee Knowles
Lenni Moe
Matthew Hughes
Marz Luckhurst
Melissa Hamlyn
Mike Watt
Miki Takahashi
Natalie Scholtz
Natasha Killeen
Olia Burtaev
Pauly Fawcett
Ruby Smedley
Scott Marsh
Thom Buchanan
Vincent Lim
Vivienne Von Coffin
Wayne Herring
Wendy Sama

by Alexandra Lederman , Apeseven , Ben Brown , Corrine Grbevski , Filip Konikowski , Makatron , Marz Luckhurst , Pauly Fawcett , Skulk , Lenni Moe , Brent Leideritz , Hayden Dewar , Matthew Hughes , Barry O'Mahony , Casey Temby , Chloe Wilder , Dave Faint , Des Pensible , Frankie Owen , Father Superior , Hannah Curtis , J2ske , Kentaro Yoshida , Kenny Jones , Lee Knowles , Melissa Hamlyn , Mike Watt , Natalie Scholtz , Ruby Smedley , Scott Marsh , Vincent Lim , Wayne Herring , and Wendy Sama ,